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How to Transcribe WAV files to Text?

Convert WAV files to text with our AI-powered tool

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You can easily convert WAV to text online by just uploading the file and then clicking the transcribe button. Our powerful AI algorithms convert your WAV files to text in seconds, with 90-95% accuracy.

Transcribe Speech

Converting WAV files to text has never been easier! Put an end to the hours you spend listening to WAV files and have them transcribed by AI-powered speech recognition software.

Export Results

Speech recognition technology is used for converting audio to text. You can correct the text such as transcription errors, fixing capital letters and more using online editing tools.

Main Features

Automatically convert WAV files to text online

Fast, Accurate & Reliable

AI-powered speech recognition software converts WAV files to text with near-human accuracy.

Service Features

Easy to Use

No software installation or complicated setup. Just upload the WAV file and convert it to text.

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We always insist on GDPR compliance and we are integrating it with all our services.

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Simple and Honest Pricing

Pay-as-you-go transcription plans from $0.05 per minute. No hidden costs or monthly fees.

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Multiple languages

The WAV to text converter can transcribe audio files in 30+ languages and accents.

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Top-Class AI Technology

We have invested heavily in the latest AI technology to make our transcription as accurate as possible

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Why Online WAV to Text Converter?

AI-Powered WAV to text converter will transcribe your audio files to text, automatically and accurately

Transcribe all your WAV files to text, with total privacy and security

AI-Powered WAV to text conversion service allows you to convert all your audio recordings to text file format in a matter of minutes. You can convert multiple files at once, and add an unlimited number of files, making it easy to mass transcribe files.

24/7/365 secure transcription services from AI, not humans

In a world where GDPR rules, AI-Powered WAV files to text converter can help you stay in compliance.

Automate the tasks you hate to do

Transcribing audio files manually is boring. Artificial intelligence can do it better than humans.

Automatically transcribe audio files

The application uses the latest AI technology and provides the fastest way to convert WAV audio files to text. When you upload an audio file, the application will process it using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and then provide you with the transcript in the form of a text file.

GDPR-compliant Transcription

The service is GDPR-compliant. When you upload your audio file, you have access to it in the form of a transcript. The transcript data is protected by your user account, and is stored on our servers only with your permission. You can download, edit, share and delete your transcripts whenever you want.

Quick and Convenient Way to Convert Audio

The WAV file converter is fast and easy to use. Simply upload your audio file, choose the desired language, and press "Transcribe" to receive a text version of your file in the desired language. You can also download the converted file, or access the transcription online through your private transcript pages.

Better Transcription Accuracy

Unlike other online WAV transcription services, the SpeechText.AI service comes with an AI engine which is trained with a unique data set for better voice recognition accuracy.

Accurate multi-lingual transcription

Our audio-to-text conversion service can accurately transcribe your audio files in over 30+ languages.