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How to Transcribe an Interview?

SpeechText.AI is the best software for transcription of interviews. Transcribe interviews in three easy steps


Upload your files. Our transcription service supports almost all formats of audio and video files. SpeechText.AI can transcribe live meetings or interviews that you upload.


SpeechText.AI is the fastest way to transcribe interviews. Select the audio type as 'Interview' and your files will be accurately converted to text in just a few minutes.

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Transcribe an hour long interview in less than 20 minutes. Edit, proofread, and export interview transcription results in different formats.

Main Features

Set of amazing features to help you transcribe interviews quickly


Speech to Text Conversion

AI-powered interview transcription app is available in 30+ languages

Service Features

Industry-specific Transcription

Domain-specific models accurately transcribe brand names, terms, and rare words

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Pay-as-you-go pricing plans with no hidden fees, starting at $0.05 per minute

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