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Last update: 24/11/2019

Cookies are small text files that may be placed and stored on your computer/device allowing internet access when you visit the SpeechText.AI website.

SpeechText.AI uses cookies to collect your IP address and browsing information. The SpeechText.AI website also remembers your system and preferences. Cookies are placed on your computer/device only if you consent to it, unless cookies are necessary for strictly technical functionality of the SpeechText.AI website.

In order to record and analyze how visitors use the SpeechText.AI website as well as to improve visitors’ experience, SpeechText.AI collects details of your visits by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics places and uses cookies that allow us to track website traffic and users’ interaction with the SpeechText.AI website.

SpeechText.AI may use cookies to record your consents on its websites (e.g. the consent to the use of cookies).

SpeechText.AI uses cookies on the basis of its legitimate interest in ensuring the technical functionality of its websites. When SpeechText.AI uses cookies to remember your choices or for analytics, the legal basis for the use is your consent. You can opt-out from analytics by disabling cookies through your browser settings or by visiting


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Please note that if you disable or refuse cookies, the SpeechText website or it parts may become inaccessible, not function properly or you may not be able to use some of the interactive features of the SpeechText.AI website.

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