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Turn audio and video content to text and subtitles in minutes

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How It Works

Transcriber bot quickly and accurately converts audio or video files into text and subtitles!


Upload audio/video files or share public weblinks (e.g. shared Google Drive or Dropbox files, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch videos, and more) with Transcriber bot.


The transcription process usually takes half of the audio file length to transcribe a file completely. Transcriber bot will notify you when the transcription results are ready.

Edit and Export

Transcriber bot connects your audio to the text in the online proofreading editor. It will help you quickly verify and export transcription results to TXT, DOCX, XLSX, PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML, SRT, VTT.


Set of amazing features to help you transcribe audio and video in seconds


Speech recognition

Powerful speech-to-text technology automatically converts voice to text in seconds


Multi language

Audio to text transcription software supports multiple languages


Speaker Identification

Service detects which individuals spoke which words in multi-participant conversations


Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe local files or files accessible over public URLs (Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)


Automatic Punctuation

Audio and video transcriptions include commas, full stops, question marks, periods


Editing Tools

Proofreading interface helps users to edit and verify speech recognition results


Word Timestamps

–°lick on a word to play the audio from that exact moment.


Export Transcript

Export audio transcription results in the format of your choice (txt, pdf, docx, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions