Online Voice Recorder

Record and save audio from the microphone.
Fully GDPR-compliant. We do not transfer your data over the Internet.


Set of amazing features to help you record audio from your browser

Completely Free

Free to use. There is no registration necessary and your voice recording has no limit in size.


Our tools don't need to send your data over the Internet. All the work is done locally. It's fast and secure, too!

No installation needed

Audio recorder is a tool that's based on your browser. You don't need to install any software on your device.

No data transfers

Uploading files are time-consuming. The sound recorder doesn't require you to upload anything. You save time and money on data transfers.

All devices supported

Any web browser on any device works with free online voice recorder.

Download recordings

After the recording is complete, you can download it to your computer or device. You can also play it through the browser.

Why Online Voice Recorder?

The best online tool to record the sound around you

Free voice recorder

Join thousands of people who use our free voice recorder app every day to record and save audio from the microphone, record calls, record streaming audio, or highlight noteworthy moments in meetings.

Record your voice online

Online voice recorder lets you record, save, play and share audio from your desktop or mobile device. It's fully GDPR-compliant and is not required to transfer any data over the Internet.

Easy to use

Easy and safe microphone recorder. Mic recorder allows you to record and save audio files from the microphone on your computer. You can finish and stop recording in a snap, just by pressing a button! Do not need to install any other software. Nothing complicated, no limits. Start right away!

Use anywhere

Sound recorder is a handy tool for recording meetings, personal notes, songs, and musical ideas, as well as dictation and much more. Ideal to record interviews and conferences. We help privacy-aware professionals record and keep their data on their devices.

All devices supported

This is the best audio recorder online for free. You can record from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Recordings are stored on your device. There are no ads on this sound recorder! Use your microphone to record and save your audio files online.

No registration required

The best way to record audio from browser, interviews, and meetings for your podcast, radio show, or YouTube channel. No registration is required at all!

No limits

With online mic recorder, recording is free and easy. With no registration necessary, there is no limit to how much you can record. It's a natural choice for those who want a reliable way to capture their memories or important events.

Record audio from browser

Turn your browser into an online recorder. Record your voice, save it, and share it. This website is under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. Use your microphone online to record your own voice or anything around you.