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How to convert voice to text?

SpeechText.AI is a voice to text transcription service that converts your voice to text with an accuracy of over 95%

Upload recorded files

Record conversations using SpeechText.AI on your web browser. Upload audio files, and let our automated transcription software convert any voice files into text in minutes.

Convert voice to text

SpeechText.AI is an automated transcription service which converts your voice to text with an accuracy of over 95%. We use cutting-edge machine learning and neural networks to convert your recorded audio into text in a variety of formats (DOCX, TXT, PDF, HTML, XLSX, SRT, VTT, and more).

Proofread and Export Results

Once your voice is transcribed, you will be able to edit results online by using editing tools. The voice-to-text converter will generate a transcript of your audio file, which you can then go back and correct any mistakes in.

Main Features

Fast, accurate, and affordable voice recognition service

Automated Voice Transcription

Transcribe audio and video to text with our voice recognition software. It used to take hours to get a transcribed version of an audio file, but now with SpeechText.AI, it takes just minutes.

Service Features

Simple and Honest Pricing

Get the best price on the market for transcription services. Choose from a variety of pay-as-you-go plans from $0.05 per minute with no hidden or monthly fees.

Pricing Plans

Multiple languages

Convert recorded voice to text quickly and easily. The voice to text converter can transcribe audio and video files in 30+ languages and accents.

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Security Guarantee

Our voice recognition platform has advanced security protocols to ensure our customers' data is encrypted and securely maintained.

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Easy to Use

No need to download or install anything. Record voice messages, upload files and get transcription results.

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Advanced Technology

We provide voice recognition services using state-of-the-art neural network technology to convert recorded voice to text.

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Why Voice to Text Converter?

Turn recorded voice files to text with artificial intelligence

The entirely new way to convert voice to text

SpeechText.AI is a new way to convert voice to text. Create an account and start converting your voice recordings into text and searchable PDFs.

Voice-to-text transcription made easy

It works with virtually any audio file format, including M4A, WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, and MP4 files. There's no special audio format needed.

Multiple languages supported

Our service supports speech recognition in more than 30 different languages. For example, English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and more.

Boost efficiency of your work process

You can automate the process of recording voice messages and converting them into text. This will allow you to save time and free up your internal resources for other tasks.

Convert recorded voice to text

With SpeechText.AI, you can use your web browser to convert your recordings into text without ever having to type again. It's perfect for writing out long articles, podcast intros, or transcribing interviews from audio.

Turn any audio into text

Turn any audio into text with our speech recognition technology. The cloud-based voice to text engine allows you to transcribe your audio files into text within minutes.

Voice and speech recognition software

Natural language processing algorithms accurately transcribe your audio or video recordings into clear and easily searchable documents. Use our voice to text software to turn your recordings into a fast-searchable document that you can use to find insights faster.

Process voice files easily

With our voice recognition software, you can easily process voice files: record, upload, and receive the text file.